Events & Workshops

Make Your Own Miso & Shio Koji Workshop is back!

Winter is miso making season and we will be hosting our Make Your Own Miso & Shio Koji workshop on the following dates.

This year we are planning a School Holliday Workshop with KIDS too!

Places are limited so please book early!

  • Sunday 25th June 2023 WITH KIDS
  • Sunday 7th July 2023
  • Sunday 23rd July 2023

Workshop includes

  • Lecture on overview of Japanese fermented foods and how to and benefits of koji fermentation
  • Hands-on experience of making your own miso (approx. 1.8kg - worth $70.00) and Shio Koji (salty fermented rice seasoning - worth $9.00) to take home
  • Tasting of miso soup, three varieties of amazake and various koji fermented and miso dishes
  • A jar of miso ($11.80-$12.90) to take home and get you started with your miso life!

We use Certified Australian organic soybean, rice and BFA certified sea salt for our miso and shio koji.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area, please email us at to discuss further.

We love sharing the wonderful knowledge of our ancestors and the amazing work of hard working koji fungus and look forward to meeting with you.