Our Ingredients

The 1,200-year-old recipe for miso have not changed much over the years. The ingredients are very simple – rice, soybean and salt!


We were adamant all the ingredients we use are Australian organic from the very beginning in 2012. We went on a hunt to find the best source and were lucky to find local suppliers with excellent quality produce. 


For certified organic soybeans, we were able to source larger high protein varieties, such as Soya 791, Richmond and Hayman sourced from farms in Northern NSW region. Higher Protein greatly facilitates bolder Umami in our products.


The right varieties and quality of rice were sometimes harder to source due to shortages caused by drought, however, Biodynamically grown, certified organic Australian medium grain rice worked similar to the rice used in Japan and made beaufitul Koji!


Last but not least, we found BFA certified natural sea salt from clean water of the Pacific Ocean evaporated in shallow ponds in South Australia chemical-free, using clean energy. 


The only exception to our local policy is our Tanekoji or Koji spores (Aspergillus oryzae) which we import from a specialized spore maker in Japan (with 300 year history!) to make sure we use the pure strain in every batch of Koji we make. The ratio of this spores would be 0.0002% of our miso.   


Since our beginning, we have increased our varieties and some of the spices we use in our Instant Soups and Curry Miso cannot be sourced in Australia but even then we always guarantee we source organic ingredients.