What you need to know about Unpasteurised Miso


Unpasteurised Miso is "living food"

Unpasteurised miso is "living food", rich in enzymes and probiotics and keeps fermenting in jars and pails. The more it matures, the darker the colour becomes, due to a chemical reaction called “Maillard reaction”. This is why our miso is not always the same colour. Flavourwise, sweetness stands out in young miso, and over time umami richness matures.

Does unpasteurised Miso need to be refrigerated?

The short answer is yes, we recommend you keep your miso in the fridge to stop the fermentation process. If you want to preserve the current state, miso should be kept under 15°C – both unopened and opened - therefore in the fridge or better yet in the freezer. Miso does not freeze so it can be used straight out of the freezer.

However, if you prefer a more matured miso, you can keep your miso (not Instant Miso Soups) at room temperature, provided it's kept in hygienic condition (e.g. not sticking used spoons in the jar). In this case, please apply cling wrap or baking paper on the surface of the miso to minimize air contact.

In warmer weather, the package and the lid of the jar may expand due to gas build-up which accumulates as a result of the fermentation process. This may result in the lid making a whooshing sound when you open the jar. This is perfectly normal. If the lid bulges, please open it to release the air or your miso might start leaking liquid.

How is our miso shipped?

We ship our miso at room temperature. As miso is fermented at room temperature over a long time, a few days of shipping does not affect the quality. 

In warmer weather, the gas build-up may lead to leakage of liquid during transport. This cannot be prevented unless we pasteurize, however, we decided not to as we feel that would defeat the purpose of miso! Leakage should not affect the quality of miso but let us know if this happens upon receipt and you are concerned.

Please choose Express Shipping where possible

We understand shipping fee can be expensive but to make sure the miso arrives safely without leakage, please choose Express Shipping (Australia Post Express is fine) especially if you live in areas that takes time to deliver from Gold Coast.

We will replace / refund for leakage for Express Shipping but not for Standard Shipping.

We may advise you to change to Express Shipping, if we feel Standard Shipping is risky based on your address.  

We hope you enjoy our miso!