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Vegan Tofu Cheese (Miso Marinated Tofu)

Ayami Suzuki


Vegan Tofu Cheese (Miso Marinated Tofu)

Marinate tofu with miso… and enjoy smoky cheese flavour! 
The tofu on the lefts side of the plate is marinated with Aka Miso and the right side with our Regular Miso. Can you see the difference in colour? 
Ingredients: 1 Tofu, Miso – 5Tbsp (or reduce miso and add sesame oil or mirin)

  1. Drain extra water from tofu by wrapping tofu in paper towel, placing weight on top for about 30 min
  2. Cover tofu completely with miso (or miso mix) and wrap with glad wrap (or place in a container)
  1. Leave in fridge for 2+ days. The longer you leave, the stronger the flavour becomes
  2. Wipe miso off tofu, slice and enjoy! You can use the wiped off miso for miso soup.

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