How to make Amazake Jam (Sweet Koji)

(Makes approx 400g)

  • Koji (cultured rice) - 200g
  • Filtered water - 300ml
  • Warming device (yoghurt  maker , rice cooker with rice warmer function etc)

Heat filtered water to 55-60°C. Mix Koji and warm water and place into the warming device. Keep it at 55-60°C for 10 hours. The rice cooker’s rice warmer function is usually set to maintain rice at 70°C. If you are using this function, leave the lid open and place a kitchen towel over the rice cooking bowl (see photo below) to maintain lower temperature. Koji culture will not be as active at above 60°C.


Amazake Jam will keep in the refrigerator for approx. 10-14 days.

Enjoy as Amazake Drink or use as sweetner.