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[VALUE SET 3] Vintage, Shiro (White) & Chickpea


We would love you to try our new varieties so here is a discount offer for a set of three!

Vintage Miso is very dark, almost black, miso, fermented for more than 18 months. And the taste? Interestingly similar to Vegemite! Why not try on toast? 

Shiro (White) Miso is a sweet and aromatic light coloured soy bean miso made with higher ratio of Koji and reduced salt, fermented in shorter fermentation period.

Chickpea Miso is a soy-free miso made from Australian-grown GMO-free certified chickpea, natural sea salt and our own hand-made organic Koji. Enjoy the sweet and aromatic flavour.

All our miso varieties are unpasteurised which means they are rich in enzymes, and probiotics.


Vintage Miso & Shiro (White) Miso:

Certified Australian Organic Soy Bean, Certified Australian Organic Rice, BFA Certified Sea Salt, Koji starter (Aspergillus Oryzae)

Chickpea Miso: 

Certified Australian Organic Chickpea, Certified Australian Organic Rice, BFA Certified Sea Salt, Koji starter (Aspergillus Oryzae) 

[Shipping Conditions] Orders received between Wed & Sat will be dispatched on Mondays. Orders received between Sun & Tue will be dispatched on Wednesdays. 

Please click here for details on where LOCAL regions are. If you choose LOCAL and are not in the local region, we will contact you for the difference and there may be delay until the products reaches you. 

[Please Note] For Miso orders during the warm season, we strongly advise using Australia Post EXPRESS POST except for LOCAL regions. Our miso keeps fermenting in the package and may expand or leak when shipping period extends over a prolonged period under warm condition. Please be advised that we cannot offer refund or exchange if you choose standard shipping.

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