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Terada-honke : profiles

Terada-honke Brewery – family run brewery in
Chiba prefecture, Japan with 340 years’ history

Teradahonke is one of a very few sake makers in Japan who brews sake in the traditional “Kimoto zukuri” style. Unpasteurized Sake made from home grown organic rice is rich in probiotic with a unique fruity flavour.

Terada-honke home page :

Masaru Terada: Former wildlife cameraman married into the sake making family and became the 24
th heir to the natural brewery “Teradahonke”.  Following the footsteps of his predecessors, he grows organic rice and brews sake the traditional way from natural yeast.

Satomi Terada: Daughter of the 23
rd heir of Teradahonke joined the family business after studying macrobiotics and working at a millet café. She runs fermented cooking classes and co-authored the Teradahonke’s recipe book with Masaru.

"Daigo no Shizuku": Brewed with a special technique invented during the Kamakura Era (12C-14C) using natural lactic acid in the air and wild yeast, the unpasteurized and unfiltered Sake continues to ferment in the bottles. Daigo no Shizuku was the sake of choice by the world-renowned restaurant Noma in Denmark.

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