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rice culture presents

Japanese Saké Making Workshop & Fermentation Talk
on Gold Coast & Brisbane

Learn the secret of fermentation from Masaru Terada
the 24th heir to "Terada-honke", natural organic Saké brewery in Chiba, Japan

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* $10 Special Discount for 2 events booking is also available! - please scroll down..

Doburoku (Cloudy Raw Saké) Making Workshop

# Additional seats of Sake Making Workshop are now available! The number is limited! So don't miss out!

Learn how to make saké and enjoy Terada-honke’s “Daigo no Shizuku” tasting with fermented nibbles.

Date & Time:
March 26 (Sun) 10:3012:30  With English InterpreterMax 20 pax$80
March 26 (Sun) 15:0017:00  In Japanese onlyMax 20 pax$80
Venue: The Ecovillage at Currumbin

Fermentation Talk & Fermented Food Cooking Demonstration

Presentation on “Secret of traditional fermentation and Japanese Saké making” by Masaru Terada and fermented Shio Koji cooking demonstration by Satomi Terada.

Taste Teradahonke’s saké “Daigo no Shizuku” and fermented nibbles

Date & Time:
March 28 (Tue) 14:00
16:00 With English InterpreterMax 30 pax$50
Venue: Urbane Restaurant in Brisbane

March 30 (Thu) 10:3012:30 In Japanese onlyMax 30 pax$50
Venue: The Ecovillage at Currumbin

* $10 Special Discount applies if you choose to attend both Saké Making Workshop and Fermentation Talk (Total $120)! - booking is available from following link.
Saké Making Workshop + Fermentation Talk : combine TWO events  (Total $120)